2014 round up

This has been an interesting year as things have panned out slightly differently to how I had originally thought.  However as the year draws to a close I can say I am the happiest and most psyched I have ever been.


The international competitions took a bit of a back seat, allowing me to get outdoors a lot more.  I’ve really enjoyed being able to do that, and work on things I wouldn’t have otherwise had the time to do.  I still managed a 3rd overall finish in the junior national bouldering series and 7th place finish in the senior national championships.  I also headed to Dublin at the latter end of the year and took a 3rd place finish in their Gravity competition – definitely a highlight for me.  Another big highlight was the first ever Deep Water Soloing competition in the UK.  So much fun!  I definitely want to be involved with next years comp.


Having finished exams at the start of the summer, I had a long period of time off.  It meant I headed to magic wood for a 3 week trip and then to north Devon for a week or so.  There are so many problems I want to go back for, the list just keeps on growing!!  For every problem I do I seem to find another three I want to go back for, good stuff!


Since starting college I have really enjoyed being able to have more flexibility with training times, and have also managed to get outdoors slightly more.  Im hoping this will continue into the new year, with the promise of the freedom of a car in the very near future things are looking exciting!  Other plans for 2015 have to include a potential trip to the Rocklands, or a summer on the continent – yet to be decided!  Hopefully there will also be the opportunity to head out to some international events, maybe even the World Champs in September! Finally, I’m looking forward to heading to the Rab Superbloc event – held on 14th Feb (how romantic!) to help raise funds for the Senior Bouldering Team.  

I hope you all have a great Christmas and brilliant New Year.   A massive thank you to Sherpa, Wild Country, ProBalm, Peak Pro Fitness, Pulsin’ and Crag X for their continued support throughout this year.  I really couldn’t do it without your help!

My job for this afternoon is to find my silly Christmas hat out – ready for climbing Christmas Crack tomorrow morning……I can’t wait!  See you there?


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