A Leprechaun Museum and The G-Force Comp

Last minute changes of plan, offers of places to stay and the enticing opportunity of a visit to Ireland swung the deal for me!  In the next couple of days I was off to  Dublin, a new destination!  The Friday morning dawned, and so did the alarm.  At 4:30am to be precise, a lovely start!  My Dad had kindly offered to give me a lift to the airport, which meant I avoided the madness of trying to catch public transport a such a silly time.  I arrived into Dublin along with the rest of the commuters.

The busy hustle of people and vehicles in a new environment was pretty exciting, but also a bit intimidating to start with – especially when you have literally no idea where you are!  However I soon began to find my way, and formed a plan for the rest of the day.  I was hoping to see some of the sites of Dublin and soak up the beautiful city.  It has to be said I had a lot of fun,  I went to have a look at the museums (interesting stuff), wandered round the parks and saw the nice architecture.  By late afternoon my friends had either finished school or flown in from Scotland, so we met up and headed off to watch the premier of the Reel Rock Tour 9.  It was super good, and I would definitely recommend a watch!

Saturday came around and we were up and out early.  Andy Long, Rob Napier and Juan had put up some wicked problems and so qualifiers began……25 problems.  Most weren’t too bad, so I went round as fast as possible to give myself plenty of rest.  After lunch and a snooze it was semi’s time.  There were 4 problems in a 5on/5off set up.  I managed to work my way up three with a bonus on the fourth, putting me into 2nd.

More rest and more food and then time for the finals!  We came out for viewing and the wall was pretty much all volumes.  It looked mega!!  The first was a sketchy mantle, which I think its fair to say I had a bit of a mare on.  I couldn’t seem to get the right amount of momentum to push up through it – something to work on!  The second was a weird coordination problem to begin followed by a few steady moves.  The top was a sketchy heel with a flick to a slot.  I tried multiple times, but couldn’t quite manage to finish it – frustrating!

The third problem was my favourite looking out of the bunch, lots of rocking up on volumes followed by a desperate opposing match and flick to the top.  I made it to the match, but didn’t have enough juice!!  Ahhh!  The final bloc was here and I had to give it everything.  I did, and managed a top!!  Wohoo!! At long last!  With a top I finished in 3rd.  I was pleased with that, I’d really given it everything.

It was an awesome comp, and great to see so many good friends!  The hospitality I received whilst there was also lovely, really can’t fault anything!  Big up to Daragh for having me to stay and Terry for driving me to the wall and bus stop at stupid o’clock – you’re both legends! Looking forward to seeing you again soon 🙂

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