Bravery and Madness

The other week I experienced being ridiculously tired, potentially the most tired I’ve ever been.  I’m not just talking about being a bit weary or sore from a few days of training.  I’m talking about feeling like you can’t even move because you’re brain won’t connect to your body.  I’m talking about needing a nap before trying to drive home from the wall.  But maybe, the most shocking thing of all, I’m talking about being so tired I turned to drinking coffee!

Loving my drink...

Coffee Lover Looking Mega Psyched

This has never happened before.  Normally I refuse to even have a sip.  The other weekend I chose to make myself a coffee, what was I thinking?  Maybe I’m going mad, but I did it.  I tried my first ever cup (without being cajoled into it).

I have to admit it was not a pleasant experience.  I quickly learnt that attempting to drink an espresso as your first foray into the scary world of scented caffeine is maybe not the best idea.  Since then I have tried it a few more times and have learnt that latte’s are much more palatable.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few months of becoming acquired to the taste may hold.  One day I hope to be able to sit and enjoy a coffee (with some of that cool froth art on the top) and be able to actually taste the flavour of the different beans.  Until then I’ll do my best not to wretch at the thought of drinking it….




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